In the wild

One of these soft sculptural components didn’t make it into the finished installation. The result? Basically me wandering around outside the house with it a couple days after getting home, in a desperate attempt to come up with a gesture for The 100 Day Project. I was so tickled by the sight of this blob emerging from a strip of ferns by the driveway, of course, that now I’m tempted to take it around with me and plop it on EVERYTHING…


Installation at McColl Center

Versions of Loose Ends, Soft Targets, and Wavelet at McColl Center for Art + Innovation this summer through August 24th.

While there wasn’t a lot of down time outside of installing, finally noticing Jung’s, right across the street from the Center, gave me a small thrill. So did pretending I was moving to town with nothing but my suitcase and a sewing machine.

Forever grateful to everyone else who captures shots and shares them. Other artists in this show, curated by Marisa Pascucci, are John W. Love Jr. and Hollis Hammonds, shown here looking casual.

Soft Targets at home

My studio space recently shrank, so I’ve been making more room at home for finished pieces and works in progress. It turns out you can fit a towering sculpture in your domestic space if you’re willing to lose the chair where you throw your clothes.


Improv install of Data Breach and a small portion of Soft Targets. These felt blobs will be traveling to McColl Center for a show this summer.