Recently I had a great time modeling for sister-artist-friend, Claire, for her latest collection, Sun Shy. All of her pieces are made of the softest, recycled cotton made right here in the heart of Texas. That big smile I’m wearing? It probably had something to do with Claire jumping and waving from the sidelines during the entire shoot. Her enthusiasm is boundless!

Come check out the colors and textures in person - this neutral piece does not say it all! I’m lending a hand with Claire Drennan Knits on Saturday, 11/17 from 11-8p at WHAM.



I feel like one true sign of friendship is the recurring tendency to turn up places in matching attire. Rebecca and I may not share a studio anymore, but at least we still have an indistinguishable affinity for bold prints.


Yep, we also do plaids. This was at a Claire Drennan Knits pop-up shop craft night earlier this summer.