Last week current Box 13 members pitched in to paint over the temporary murals behind the building that had been up for years. (An unintended, yet revealing ‘before’ shot is here.) While the plan is to commission new work in the very near future, in the interim, this bold-face call to action ahead of the mid-term elections was suggested.


I’ll be honest—initially, I felt more than a little cynical about the project, thinking,this won’t get anyone that wouldn’t have otherwise voted to cast a ballot.’ Suffice it to say, I’m glad I kept my grumpy mouth shut and let others forge ahead with the plan.

First of all, soaring skyward on a forklift with a paint sprayer turns out to be the best ride I’ve ever been on. And what occurred to me during the process, which I may have intellectually known but not recently felt, is that the communal energy that grows around a collective effort really does matter. Sometimes, with four larger than life letters, you can say it all.