laser-cut plywood offcuts, 2013
16 x 16 x 3 inches - edition of 12 (a few remain from the series and are available for purchase here)

Each of these units is made of about 200 discarded triangles, sourced from a laser cutting company producing build-your-own rocket kits for children, one of numerous works designed utilizing scrap material of the so-called maker movement.

I was inspired to the form by the many occurrences of spirals in nature, from shells to galaxies and appreciate the fact that spirals have been a motif in art across cultures from the earliest times. I find great satisfaction in being able to take a machined material from the discards heap and transform it into something that feels organic and timeless.

This work began while in residence at McColl Center for Art + Innovation (take a peek inside that studio) and completed at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft